I enjoy teaching and watching students progress so much, I decided to get a Masters Degree in Teaching to give you more confidence in my ability to assist you in your personal and professional growth in music.  I offer online and in-person lessons, as well as a coaching program available through my Patreon page.

I offer all of these topics/focuses for lessons and coaching...

  • Drum Set (all styles and skill levels)
  • Classic Percussion (timpani, mallets, rudimental/orchestral snare drum)
  • Hand Drums (congas, bongos, cajon, djembe)
  • World Percussion (pandeiros, shakers, chekere, cowbells, etc...)
  • Piano (Beginner)
  • Theory (reading and writing music, sight reading, ear training)
  • Producing (sound design/synthesis, composing, arranging, mixing, etc)

Coaching plan - $20/mo 

If you subscribe to my Patreon at the Coaching tier, you will get a once a month 20-minute coaching session to work on any musical topic of your choice.  This plan is great for those who have unpredictable schedules and would like some extra time to progress through their journey. The time will be used to discuss the progress you made during the month, tips on how to achieve more next month, how to refine what you've already accomplished, and goals to set for the next month.  Coaching sessions are provided through Discord and Facetime.

Online lessons - $40/hr ($25/.5hr)

I use Discord and Facetime to teach online. I may or may not use alternate video platforms depending on the situation. Generally I will use a practice pad or practice pad kit to teach online and we will focus more on concepts, theory, practice techniques, fundamental checks, and repertoire.  I believe the practice pad is the great equalizer, and no matter the skill level, any drummer can benefit from a pad session with someone who has insights to offer.

in-person lessons - $50/hr ($30/.5hr) 

If you live in DFW or Austin, I provide in-person lessons on drum set or other percussion (other instruments as well). Currently, my studio is in storage and I am working on getting my new studio furnished and running again, so at the moment I only offer drive-by lessons. For a small mileage fee ($10), I will drive to your house/church/practice studio/anywhere you play drums for a one-on-one lesson. Logistically, I will try to schedule lessons for each City on the same day, so appointments may need to be flexible depending on lesson loads.

Ask me about homeschool programs! 

I'm a huge supporter of individual liberties and school-choice. Thats why I offer a homeschool plan for families or students who wish to add high quality music education to their curriculum. Every student is unique and can benefit from a consistent music education, which is why I'll develop a 3-month program that your student can graduate from and move onto the next individualized plan. Contact me for more info!