Corsaro Music Podcast #01 


Hey y'all, coming atchya with an update! I played my first Gnarlie Parker show over the weekend at The Green Jay in Austin. I recorded the whole set on my phone, but I'm only uploading a couple tunes you my YouTube and Rumble accounts. Then I played a little Mozarts gig with Elliott Liebman the Sunday after. All together, the weekend was pretty motivational for me. I quit my 8-6 day gig so I can spend more time getting Corsaro Music off the ground and start booking more Gnarlie Parker shows and other gigs.

I have a trio gig coming up again at Revelers Hall this Saturday on the 24th, which ended up being last minute deal. Still trying to lock in the players, but it should be great regardless of who's there. More shows happening in August again with Gnarlie Parker and anyone else that's gettin' after it! Don't forget to check out the Corsaro Music Podcast on YouTube if you want the video, and follow my Instagram for mobile updates! Patreon is how you'll be able to join the Discord and sign up for the Coaching Sessions.