Corsaro Music Production Update

Hey y'all!

Here's a quick little update on my plans for the rest of the year...


I ended up narrowing down some specifics within my business to make it more 'legit'.

Corsaro Music, LLC is basically the Record Label. It's…

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Corsaro Music Podcast #04 

Welcome to this weeks episode of Corsaro Music Podcast! In this episode I shout out some homies of mine that helped shape my musical growth in TX, touch on some struggles of the pandemic, showcase some benefits of joining the…

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Corsaro Music Podcast #03 


Here we go for another installment of Corsaro Music Podcast! This week I disclose the secret ingredient in what gets my podcast going every Monday, some hopes and aspirations for the future of Corsaro Music, where I was hanging…

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Corsaro Music Podcast #02 


Welcome to Corsaro Music Podcast! In this episode I recap how the A.C.III gig went, shout-outted my friends on tour, how firmware updates can throw your whole game off, and some goals and content I have planed for y'all…

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Corsaro Music Podcast #01 


Hey y'all, coming atchya with an update! I played my first Gnarlie Parker show over the weekend at The Green Jay in Austin. I recorded the whole set on my phone, but I'm only uploading a couple tunes…

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Hey y'all, welcome to my new website. I had to switch platforms and create a whole new site on my own, so I'm using the opportunity to 're-brand' and launch my company with full intent. I'll be providing educational materials…

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